House 07


Apartments Refurbished: 150
Apartments Removed: 90
Living Space: 4,200 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 07/2004

Project Team: Nikolaus Neufeld, Reinhardt Mayer
Client: LWG Leinefelde

The most prominent and perhaps also the most radical example of urban redevelopment in Leinefelde, eastern Germany, is the transformation of this old 180-metre “Plattenbau” apartment block, a pre-cast concrete panel system building. By removing the top floor and seven segments along the line of the block, a new style of residential development was created: a row of separate but connected “villa-like” apartment buildings. A continuous wall links the eight blocks on the east side at ground floor level. This arrangement mediates between the collectivity of the old housing and the individualism of the new. At the same time the interlinked complex functions as a kind of town wall, symbolically marking the entrance to Leinefelde and expressing a new beginning in terms of urban planning. The coloration takes up this functional differentiation and generates lively contrasts between the outward and inward faces of the group. Creating good-standard housing in an old panel system high-rise not only upgrades the entrance to the town, it is also a commitment to higher quality through reduction.

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