House 01


Refurbished Apartments: 120
Apartments Removed: 40
Work Phases: 1-8
Competiton: 12/1996, 2nd Prize
Completion: 1999

Project Team: Helmut Pfeiffer
Client: LWG Leinefelde

The refurbishment of the two L-shaped panel system concrete high-rises marked the start of the extensive and acclaimed urban transformation of the small town of Leinefelde in eastern Germany. A key element in the design, the perimeter masonry wall combines several functions: It gives a base to the building, enabling raised private gardens to be created at ground floor level; it establishes a kind of barrier, a buffer zone between the building and the street; and it marks out the border of the plot. Contrasting with this wall are the lines of windows on the upper floors with their continuous balcony railings and coloured wall panels. The lines of balconies and the roof terraces on the south and west façades give each apartment a generous amount of outside space, in a reaction to the confines of the original ground plans.

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