House 05


Refurbished Apartments: 80
Apartments Removed: 39
Living Space: 2,635 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 10/2006

Project Team: Julia Goldschmidt, Cristina Naranjo
Client: LWG Leinefelde

This now refurbished panel-system concrete high-rise marks the northwestern edge of this particular part of Leinefelde. Five storeys were reduced to three, and a central segment of this originally very long high-rise was removed entirely to create two separate blocks in a line. A continuous balcony was fitted to the west side, the colour change here signalling the edge of the estate, at the transition to the countryside. Inside the apartments walls were removed to create an open ground plan, which extends across the individual sections on the top floors. The apartments on the ground floor have their own gardens and the entrance areas are given a more quality, secluded feel by means of a courtyard bordered by walls.

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