House 04


Refurbished Apartments: 20
Apartments Removed: 12
Living Space: 1,580 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 2003

Project Team: Reinhardt Mayer
Client: LWG Leinefelde

Relatively compact for an old panel-system residential building, this block had just 20 apartments. The first step in the refurbishment was to remove two storeys and build a continuous masonry wall around the edge of the plot. Roof terraces cut out of the upper storey provide generously sized open spaces and add a sculptural note to the top of the building. The distinctive long balconies, painted bright red, accentuate the façade. Key aspects in the design were on the one hand to generate open spaces and outside areas for the residents in the form of private gardens on the ground floor, balconies for the middle floors or roof terraces, and on the other to develop the classic tripartite division of the façade into a base, shaft and concluding upper part.

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