Riedberg 04

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 106
Floor Area: 11,000 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 + KOL
Completion: 2016

Project Team: Ulrich Ricker, Mira Sennrich, Sandra Söhnel, Daniela Vorrath, Annika Vedder, Michael Thomas, Julia Tamm
Client: Swiss Life AG

This “West Wing” is the seventh and last section to be built in the new urban district of Riedberg in Frankfurt. Located at the southeastern corner of this section, pointing to the city centre, this design is for an ensemble of five separate blocks, including a distinctively rounded corner building at the tip. In contours, each building has a different interpretation of the corner situation, and the profiled clinker cladding and sculptural treatment of the façades in this group set a high standard of architectural design. In terms of language of forms, the buildings reinterpret the theme of the “urban villa”. The five building volumes, each with a different height development, enclose a communal inner courtyard with green spaces and a playing area, arranged around a tree in the centre. A clinker wall following the line of the street marks out the borders of the ensemble and affords the requisite privacy for the residents. Light-flooded two- to four-roomed apartments with a generous amount of outside space, in the shape of loggias and terraces, provide a high standard of accommodation.

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