Hannover 03

City building
  • Location: Hannover
  • Year: since 2021
  • Residential units: 50
  • Gross floor area (GFA): 5 500 m²
  • Client: hanova Wohnen GmbH
  • Project team: Gernot Neis, Deniz Aydogan, Francisco Diaz Vallino, Peng Wang, Wiebke Nolte, Till Apsel, Nils Lamm
  • Address: Rosalind-Franklin-Allee 80, 30539 Hannover
  • Other functions: commercial, doctor's surgery, district office 
  • Visualisation: Dena Khan



This residential and office building is to be completed in the coming years at the southern entrance to Kronsberg Süd, a new district that has its origins in the development plans laid down for EXPO 2000. The plot, triangular in shape with one blunted tip, is bordered on the south by a public square and to the north by a communal courtyard for the residents. The inwardly angled façade, and the contrasting loggia parapets of folded steel take up the motif of the triangle. The steel forms a deliberate contrast to the warm red clinker-brick façade which sculpturally modulates the building with its brick-on-edge courses and deep reveals. This clinker façade, and the colour design for the new district, echo local building traditions.

All the apartments have a private outside space in the form of a loggia or a terrace. Above the base storey, which accommodates three small-business units, are two- to four-roomed apartments with different ground plans. Both council-funded and independently financed apartments support the mixed use of the building.

Wettbewerb (Hannover): 1. Preis für Entwurf eines Stadthauses in Kronsberg Süd



Wettbewerb (Hannover): 1. Preis für Entwurf eines Stadthauses in Kronsberg Süd

Der Entwurf von Stefan Forster Architekten für ein Wohnhaus im Neubaugebiet Hannover-Kronsberg Süd (Baufeld B 10) wurde in einem Realisierungswettbewerb mit dem ersten Preis ausgezeichnet. Zum Programm des für die hanova Wohnen GmbH realisierten Projekts zählen auch Büros und eine Arztpraxis.

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