Apartments: 140
Floor Area: 17,260 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 
Competition: 07/2013, 1. Prize
Completion: 2017

Project Team: Eleanor Lucke, Benjamin Metz, Sandra Klepsch, Julia Tamm, Neset Uguzoglu
Client: Bauverein Breisgau e.G.

The Unicarré housing development in the Stühlinger district of Freiburg is being rebuilt. The proposed U-shaped building extends the existing development and completes the line around this city block. In design, the complex continues the tradition of the large cooperative housing developments of the previous century. With the continuous clinker-clad high ground floor, the lines of parapets and the cornices, there is a distinctive horizontal emphasis to the building, interrupted by gently projecting sections and incised loggias, these also serving to indicate the internal organisation of the space. The high quality of these apartments is seen in the fact that most of them are dual aspect, having either a loggia, balcony, roof terrace or private garden. Once an overall concept for the open spaces has been decided upon, a high-quality, landscaped inner courtyard with children´s day nursery will be built. In total this building provides 140 cooperative-owned apartments, a children´s day nursery and a range of shops.

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