City building
  • Location: Landau in der Pfalz
  • Year: since 2020
  • Residential units: 100
  • Gross floor area (GFA): 6 470 m²
  • Client: RG Residential Development GmbH
  • Project team: Nils Meyer, Alexander Trinks, Francisca Torres
  • Address: Paul-von-Denis-Straße 2, 76829 Landau in der Pfalz
  • Scope: 76 student apartments, 24 serviced apartments, shops, commercial
  • Visualisation: studioA / Dena Khan


A new building containing student flats and serviced apartments is under construction on a former commercial space next to the town centre of Landau. Completion is scheduled for 2022. With the integration of additional commercial units, shops and a supermarket, the project also acts as a local supply centre for the immediate area. The overall L-shaped structure, set back from the edge of the block and opening up towards the street was already laid down in the development plan. As a reaction to the differing scales evident in the local context, the four-storey new building is divided into distinct sections which are in turn all linked by a clinker-brick base storey. By offsetting the building to the street a triangular space is created in front, accommodating areas of green, parking and the entrances to the shops and apartments. Residents and visitors alike can make use of this space. As well as the clinker base storey and the overall shape of the complex, one other unifying element is the horizontal articulation expressed in the cornice lines. The old town wall of Landau used to run on the north side of the plot, and remnants of one part of the Vauban fortifications, Lunette 100, was still in place. For this project it was possible to largely retain this structure and integrate it into the basement of the new building.

Investoren-Auswahlverfahren (Landau): 1. Preis für Quartiersentwicklung Paul-von-Denis-Straße



Investoren-Auswahlverfahren (Landau): 1. Preis für Quartiersentwicklung Paul-von-Denis-Straße

Beim Investoren-Auswahlverfahren für eine neue Quartiersentwicklung an der Paul-von-Denis-Straße in Landau wurden Stefan Forster Architekten mit dem 1. Preis ausgezeichnet. Der Entwurf sieht unterschiedliche Wohnformen in Kombination mit Gewerbe im Erdgeschoss vor und schafft einen neuen Quartiersplatz.

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