Riedberg 03

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 71
Floor Area: 9,210 m²
Work Phases: 1-5
Expert Advisory Procedure: 02/2012, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2016

Project Team: Sandra Söhnel, Attila Bende, Militsa Marinova
Client: GWH Bauprojekte GmbH

Immediately to the east of Riedberg 02, a group of six rectangular-plan “urban villas” are arranged around a shared landscaped courtyard. These clearly contoured yet unassuming volumes have a clinker-clad ground floor and a top floor that is partly set back from the façade plane. The entrance to each building leads off from the street and the stairwells have dual access, providing a direct link between street and courtyard sides. The ground-floor apartments have generously proportioned gardens bordered with a box hedge and therefore separated from the space beyond. A clinker-brick wall marking the perimeter of the complex gives a quality feel, distancing the private apartments from the surrounding public space. Each urban villa has one stairwell with three apartments leading off each floor. Broad openings and loggias afford the residents new lines of sights and connections to the green inner courtyard. In total 71 freehold apartments are being built here. The passive house standard applies to this project.

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