Riedberg 01

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 149
Floor Area: 16,025 m²
Work Phases: 1-5
Expert Advisory Procedure: 2008, 1st Prize
Completion: 08/2012

Project Team: Florian Kraft, Cristina Naranjo, Julia Tamm
Client: Swiss Life AG

Riedberg 01 is a group of 10 individual buildings, providing 149 rental apartments in a part of Frankfurt´s new urban district of Riedberg. A key theme in the design of this ensemble is maximising green space within the residential complex and integrating the buildings into the landscape. By offsetting the position of the individual blocks a series of diverse outside spaces is achieved, enabling optimum lighting and orientation of the apartments. In terms of design the main characteristics are the broad openings of the loggias, a narrow clinker base and the flat plane of the end walls; the overall effect of this reduction is to set up a counterpoint to the unorganised diversity of forms encountered in the immediate environment. Incised roof storeys add a sculptural note to some of these cubic volumes. A perimeter clinker-brick wall around the ensemble ensures a degree of seclusion from the public space beyond. Two different building types are employed here, with either 14 or 18 apartments arranged around a stairwell. All the apartments have generously sized loggias.

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