Europaviertel E3

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 75
Floor Area: 10,605 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 + Artistic Supervision
Completion: 08/2014

Project Team: Mira Sennrich, Eleanor Lucke, Peter Gallo, Martina Rüdiger
Client: Weisenburger Gewerbe + Wohnbau GmbH

With the conversion of the old main rail freight depot and the area of tracks adjacent to it, Frankfurt am Main had the opportunity of creating a new urban district here in a very central location. The name finally settled upon was “Europaviertel”. In the western part of this new district is this seven-storey residential block with retail facilities at ground-floor level. Towards Pariser Strasse, at the rear of the plot, the building divides up into a comb-like structure with three five-floor “fingers” forming two inner courtyards in the spaces in between. The apartments – 75 in total – are accessed via three stairwells. The façade is divided classically into a base, a central and an upper part and structured horizontally by slightly projecting loggias. At the ends of the building the loggias are continued around the edges to form a distinctive semi-circular wrap-around feature.

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