Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 14
Floor Area: 1,740 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 10/2012

Project Team: Julia Goldschmidt, Sandra Söhnel, Ute Streit
Client: Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt am Main

Built on the last remaining plot in Frankfurt´s Westhafen district, this mix of residential apartments and church community centre completes the development around the city block. The unusual combination of uses is reflected architecturally in the different façade treatments. To the street side (east-facing), the building looks like an urban residential block with differentiated height development above a base storey. The north side, with its double-height entrance to the community centre, relief brick cross, narrow window strips and forecourt is reminiscent of a traditional church. The tower-like structure marking the corner of the building and of the block, hints further at church architecture. On the side facing away from the street the two-floor community centre opens to a contemplative patio space, bordered by a 2.50 metre high clinker wall. The apartments above also open to this inner area, via continuous loggias.

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