Apartments: 40
Floor Area: 5,225 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 
Multi-phase Commision: 03/2014, 1st Prize
Completion: 2017

Project Team: Attila Bende, Diana Felber, Eleanor Lucke, Wiebke Nolte, Viviane Schaumburg, Sandra Klepsch
Client: Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH

The “Langhaus” (Long House) stands at the entrance to the new residential district of Gutleutmatten in Freiburg. Its design is guided by the master plan for the new development, its shape by the narrow, linear plot. The distinctive “folds” in the façade are further emphasised in the vertical by the rising and falling line of the roof. This sculptural modelling and modulation of the Langhaus is a departure from the typical monotony of conventional linear buildings. It also suggests a sequence of individual houses. Slightly indented window fascia give prominence to the window openings and optically enlarge them. The 40 apartments in this subsidised housing development are accessed via three stairwells – with three apartments leading off each floor. Most of the apartments are dual aspect. Generous loggias open the building to the northwest.

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