Apartments: 34
Floor Area: 4,800 m²
Work Phases: 1-5
Competition: 2007, 1st Prize
Completion: 10/2011

Project Team: Martina Rüdiger, Wiebke Nolte, Andreas Wenger
Client: Spar- und Bauverein Mannheim

This competition-winning design for a new residential and commercial building for the Spar- und Bauverein Mannheim seeks to mediate between the different building styles of the immediate context. The two volumes, angled towards each other, on the one hand respond to the curve of the street at this point and on the other set up a connection between the block edge and the 1950s high-rise apartment block bordering the south side. Facing the street, the clinker façade refers in its idiom to the Mannheim building tradition of large-scale blocks. On the courtyard side the façade opens up to the park via continuous balconies. The offices of the Spar- und Bauverein are located at ground floor level, and above, accessed via two stairwells, are 34 barrier-free apartments with generous balconies; three apartments lead off each hallway. Sustainability criteria are met in the buildings’ conformity to the KfW 40 energy-efficiency standard.

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