Apartments: 79
Floor Area: 8,560 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Start of Construction: 05/2017
Completion: 2018 (planned)

Project Team: Anke Klauser, Manuel Rhöse, Julia Tamm, Andreas Wenger
Client: Baugesellschaft Hanau GmbH

The existing 1970s high-rise has 77 rental apartments divided between a 9-storey and an 11-storey section. Because of inadequate fire protection it became necessary to carry out extensive renovation of the building, 40 years after its construction. Along with improved fire protection, the building´s façade is also subject to extensive modernisation as part of energy-efficiency improvements, and the outside areas are to be upgraded. The existing façade will be removed and replaced with a clinker façade with a compact base and a differentiated arrangement of openings. The outdoor areas are to be enclosed by a continuous wall, and the area for the gardens of the tenants on the ground floor will be re-fenced and re-structured. Two new residential units are to be created on the roof of the southern part of the building.


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