Mörfelder Landstrasse

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 56
Floor Area: 9,485 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 + Artistic Supervision
Completion: 06/2010

Project Team: Florian Kraft, Georg Riesenhuber, Silke Thron
Client: Max Baum Immobilien GmbH

Standing on the corner of Mörfelder Landstrasse and Stresemannallee, in Frankfurt´s Sachsenhausen district, is this residential development, inspired in its language of forms by the housing estate opposite which was designed by Ernst May in the 1920s. Accordingly the development envisages three five-storey sections and a seven-storey solitaire, all connected by a common base. In the rather diffuse urban context at this point, this design not only gives spatial definition to the ensemble itself, it also contributes to the identity of the wider area, guided by the idea of urban repair. The corner building, two storeys higher than its neighbours, marks out the crossroads situation. Each apartment has generous glazing with low parapets and wide balconies. The residential use is supplemented by public functions in the shape of retail outlets, a children´s day nursery and a branch of a bank.

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