Kepler Residence

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 27
Floor Area: 4,500 m²
Work Phases: 1-5 + Artistic Supervision
Completion: 07/2010

Project Team: Georg Riesenhuber, Ute Streit, Julia Goldschmidt
Client: GeRo Real Estate

27 high-quality freehold apartments, divided between three buildings, were built in this project in Frankfurt´s Nordend district. In terms of architectural style, they are a re-interpretation of the late 19th-century city blocks with a main building facing the street and garden blocks with annexes in the interior. The new building closes a gap in development along the line of the street, where it is oriented towards the urban context in terms of its proportions, number of storeys and the material quality of its façade. It also takes up stylistic elements from the neighbouring buildings. A distinctive clinker-clad base draws reference to the surrounding residential environment and separates the private gardens of the ground-floor apartments from the public space. The garden blocks with side annexes, again following late 19th-century typology, form variously sized courtyards with a more private character. In tune with the high quality of this ensemble, there is a variety of different apartment types, ranging from single-storey apartments to maisonettes and penthouses. Generously sized terraces and loggias, and strong landscaping enhance the quality feel.

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