Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 36
Floor Area: 4,400 m²
Work Phases: 1-5
Completion: 2017

Project Team: Gernot Neis, Holger Haas, Elisa Ludwig, Mira Sennrich, Anna Reeg, Isabelle Heinsohn
Client: Cityraum Development GmbH & Co. KG, represented by Jöckel Projektentwicklung GmbH

This building plot on Hermann-Wendel-Strasse in Frankfurt´s Bockenheim district is located at the point where 19th-century perimeter-block development intersects with the large office complexes on the site of the exhibition centre. The design is for an L-shaped volume closing off the edge of the block on the western side. In widely cantilevered balconies running across the entire west-facing front, the building opens out to a small plaza on that side. The façade is classically divided into three sections: a clinker-clad base, above that a central section with four storeys and at the top a storey that is set back from the façade plane. Each apartment has a generous amount of private outside space, in the form of a private garden on the ground floor and balconies, loggias and roof terraces above. Two stairwells give access to the variously sized apartments (2, 3, 4 and 5 rooms). Communal rooms for the storage of bicycles and pushchairs are located in the entrance areas.

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