House 06


Refurbished Apartments: 36
Apartments Removed: 57
Living Space: 2,240 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 09/2007

Project Team: Cristina Naranjo
Client: LWG Leinefelde

The overarching theme of reduction, which guides the urban redevelopment plans in Leinefelde, was taken one step further and diversified in this house. In the horizontal plane the building was shortened by two segments at the ends while in the vertical plane two storeys were removed. Also, by subtracting L-shaped volumes a strong sculptural effect is created, and on the south side, the stepped levels add a playful note in the development of the towers and the building ends. The resulting generously sized roof terraces on the second and third upper storeys generate a new quality in this residential development. Here, too, a continuous clinker-clad base takes up a typical motif in the regeneration of Leinefelde, linking the building into its residential context and separating the gardens of the ground-floor apartments from the public space. A new idea here was to create continuous balconies on top of this base; their pillar supports and masonry parapets, as well as the level change along the façade, emphasise the sculptural quality of the development as a whole and awaken associations with the brick sculptures of the Danish artist Per Kirkeby.

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