House 02


Refurbished Apartments: 64
Apartments Removed: 32
Living Space: 4,380 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 2001

Project Team: Anna Bader-Hardt, Pamela Freymüller
Client: LWG Leinefelde

A range of different measures was employed on this panel-system high-rise to transform it into a more diverse, scaled-down residential building. Removing the top two storeys, bringing it down to four, solves the problem of the difficult-to-let upper floors and creates a new sense of privacy as there are now only eight apartments per stairwell. The motif of the continuous perimeter masonry wall with its multiple angles enables a division into private, communal and public spaces and the development of protected entrance situations. By acting as a kind of base for the linear building, it also gives coherence and structure to the complex as a whole. The façades have a lively structure: Small, red balconies on the street side contrast with generously sized balconies offset against each other on the garden side, the cantilevered roof here giving added definition. In the interior all the fixtures were removed and three different ground plans created. The interior design was developed in consultation with the tenants.

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