Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 45
Floor Area: 5,000 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Completion: 03/2010

Project Team: Eleanor Lucke, Cristina Naranjo, Ferdinand Oswald
Client: ABG Frankfurt Holding

In Frankfurt´s Westend district, at the intersection of the new university campus and the late 19th-century Holzhausen district, is this new residential development of seven free-standing buildings – four along Hansaallee and three separate buildings in the interior courtyard. The buildings, designed by different architectural practices and guided by the urban master plan, mediate between the perimeter-block development immediately to the east and the monolithic new buildings on the campus. In this context Stefan Forster Architekten created a six-storey, U-shaped residential building on the north side of the complex, inspired in design by the motif of a large building marking the entrance to the city. Because of the requirement to build to the passive house standard and in order to reduce traffic noise, the outside spaces of each apartment were designed as thermally separated loggias. A total of 45 apartments were provided here.

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