Französische Allee


Apartments: 57
Floor Area: 5,815 m²
Work Phases: 1-8 
Completion: 08/2016

Project Team: Ulrich Ricker, Nina Bölinger, Isabelle Heinsohn
Client: Baugesellschaft Hanau GmbH

The “Französische Allee” housing development provides 57 new apartments in the centre of Hanau. It replaces a residential block built in 1952 in the plain estate-style architecture of the immediate post-war period. The new building fulfils its function as marking one edge of a city square, its design being correspondingly restrained. In proportion, façade materiality and roof form, the new volume harmonises with its built environment. Rising above the clinker-clad, elevated ground floor are three upper storeys with extensive glazing and a range of different render finishes. With its reddish pitched roof and dormer windows, the roof storey corresponds morphologically to the historic building tradition in Hanau. Each of the apartments has a loggia on the street side and a continuous balcony on the courtyard side. The apartments on the top floor have roof terraces, overlooking either the street or courtyard.

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