Marstall Center


Multi-phase Commission:
2013, 1st Prize
Status: Preliminary Study
Realisation: open

Project Team: Florian Kraft, Diana Felber

In Ludwigsburg´s historic baroque-style town centre is the Marstall Center, a residential and retail complex containing 200 apartments, offices, doctor´s surgeries, a kindergarden and a shopping centre, the latter occupying the two-storey ground floor. This concept was developed during a competition process to find ideas for refurbishing an early 1970s high-rise residential building; it envisages extensive renovation of the façades and improvements to energy efficiency. Gold-coloured anodised aluminium panels are used in place of the previous yellowish fibre-cement cladding, as a way of visually upgrading the urban context while retaining the familiar coloration. As well as the façade renovation, which envisages keeping the cubage and window formats, this preparatory study concentrates in particular on cost-effective optimisation of the building physics and systems.

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