Henninger Tower

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 251
Floor Area: 55,300 m²
Work Phases: 1-2
Competition: 2012, not won

Project Team: Wiebke Nolte, Theresa Hertlein, Julia Tamm, Manuel Rhöse
Client: Actris Grundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.

This competition entry for a new Henninger Tower in Frankfurt´s Sachsenhausen district envisages a simple cubic shape projecting upwards out of a perimeter-block development. The proportions take their cue from the old Henninger Tower, a former grain silo. In place of the barrel-like revolving rooftop restaurant which was characteristic of the old tower, this design features a glass sphere available for public use. Central ideas in this design are creating a high-quality inner courtyard for the residents and modulating the street space. Up until its demolition in 2013, Henninger Tower was one of Frankfurt´s most popular and most emotive high-rises, despite its stark architectural style.

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