Riedberg 02

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 160
Floor Area: 17,160 m²
Work Phases: 1-8
Expert Advisory Procedure: 02/2012, 1st Prize
Completion: 03/2017

Project Team: Ulrich Ricker, Manuel Rhöse, Isabelle Heinsohn, Peter Gallo
Client: Nassauische Heimstätte

On the last section to be built in the new urban district of Riedberg, on the northwestern border of Frankfurt, a total of 160 subsidized apartments are being constructed, divided into five blocks. A continuous line of development snakes along Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Allee, protecting the inward-facing spaces from the noise of the street and the motorway beyond. The apartments are oriented therefore towards the quieter green inner courtyard. This inner space is created by the arrangement of four rectangular-plan “urban villas” offset against each other. Along the street façade individual sections are set back from the façade plane, marking out the separate sections in the development. The visual integrity of the complex is maintained by the shared ground floor design and the continuous cornice around the top floor. The rounded corner with its generously sized loggias gives additional emphasis and identity, in response to the particular urban context. The passive house standard applies to this project.

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