Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 681
Work Phases: 1-5
Start of Construction: 12/2018
Realisation: 2023 (planned)

Project Team: Jörg Artmann, María Aparicio Álvarez, Frank Baum, Denis Jugović, Julian Kusnawijaya, Krisztina Szalai, Fernando Diaz Vallino, Ruben Robledo, Joaó Aires
Client: ABG Frankfurt Holding

The design for the redevelopment of the Platensiedlung in the district of Ginnheim in Frankfurt involves first increasing the density of development across the northern part of the estate. The existing linear blocks are to be raised in height by means of a modular timber-framed extension, increasing the number of storeys from three to five. Across the ends are new six-storey sections. The changes to the development structure and the block-end sections and gate-like entrances create clearly defined urban spaces oriented towards the typology of the city block. By 2023 a total of 681 new apartments will be created here, half of them subsidised and half privately financed. This combination of architectural-urban strategies for activating outside space and creating affordable housing for all strata of society make the renovation of the Platensiedlung a model project for sustainable urban development.

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