Apartments: 178
Floor Area: 21,535 m²
Work Phases: 2-5
Completion: 11/2013

Project Team: Ulrich Ricker, Christoph Ney, Wiebke Nolte
Client: ABG Frankfurt Holding

An old industrial site in the port area of the city of Offenbach is one of the largest urban development zones in the Rhine-Main region today. The first project was this linear block, the “Mainzeile”, comprising three eight-storey residential buildings, designed in line with the development plan. The curving ground plan of this ensemble, dictated by the bend in the river at this point, leaves scope to create an area of green at the front of the blocks, facing away from the river. Each block has two passageways leading through to the banks of the Main. Vertically the façades are divided into a red base, a south-facing central zone featuring continuous lines of balconies and a top storey set back from the façade on the south side and finished with cornices and a parapet on the north side. The ground plans of the dual-aspect apartments are organised in conformity with the requirements of sound insulation: Ancillary rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms face north, bedrooms and living rooms face south. On the south side generously sized loggias give access to the main living areas in each apartment. The building was built to the passive house standard.

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