Apartments: 40
Work Phases: 1-5
Completion: 2017

Project Team: Jörg Artmann, Cristina Naranjo
Client: Emag GmbH, Mainz

The plot on which the “Jägerhaus Ensemble” stands in the district of Hechtsheim in Mainz is surrounded on three sides by busy roads and as a result suffers from traffic noise. The design reacts to this particular situation through the development of a U-shaped building volume on the north, closed on the south by a linear block. This arrangement enables the apartments to be oriented towards the shared quiet inner courtyard. On the outer face the development is divided up into individual sections. By varying the scale to include smaller volumes, the design for the ensemble mediates between the area of detached houses on the south side and the large-scale commercial development to the north and west. A group of mature trees on the corner of Rheinhessenstrasse and Curiestrasse is retained as an identity-strengthening feature. Along the streets the ensemble has a clinker-clad single-storey base that brings together the entire ensemble. Forty freehold apartments are being built here.

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