High-rise, Stiftstrasse

Frankfurt am Main

Apartments: 108
Floor Area: 30,780 m²
Work Phases: 1-2
Development Study: 2012, not won

Project Team: Wiebke Nolte
Client: Deutsche Telekom AG represented by Corpus Sireo Asset Management GmbH

This proposal for a residential tower at this inner-city location completes the line of development around the block but unconventionally it is set back from that line on the north and east sides. This extends the public space, these forecourts also doubling as an approach to the entrances to the tower. In shape the latter is developed organically from the continuation of the block-edge development of neighbouring buildings. The tower rises upwards in several steps, its glazed central axis and the dark-coloured base reminiscent of the Art Déco style of architecture. The graduation of the levels at the rear enhances the sculptural character of the building and ensures optimum daylight conditions in the apartments.

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