Schwedler-Carré 02

City block
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main
  • Year: since 2019
  • Residential units: 116
  • Gross floor area (GFA): 12 260 m²
  • Client: Max Baum Immobilien GmbH
  • Project team: Elena de la Natividad, Roxana Budai, Sohyun Chun, Ildikó Návay
  • Address: Gref-Völsing-Straße 15–21, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
  • Project partner: Karl Dudler Architekten: Julian Gerstner, Aladin Koujan, Giacomo Caputo, Carlos Medina
  • Other functions: children's day nursery
  • Visualisation: Dena Khan


The Schwedler-Carré is on the site of the former freight station in Frankfurt´s Ostend district. In 2003 this site, which stood unused a long time, started to be transformed into a mixed-use district – in the first few years mainly office buildings were built, plus a supermarket and a children´s day nursery, then in 2017 came the start of the first of three phases in the construction of a new residential development in the west of the site. For this first phase, which provides around 400 rental apartments, Stefan Forster Architekten, working with Karl Dudler Architekten and Ortner & Ortner Baukunst developed an overall urban development concept. Based on clearly differentiated outdoor areas and a division of the volumes into identifiable individual blocks, a small-scale system was created with streets, squares and courtyards.

The second phase of construction, conducted in cooperation with Karl Dudler Architekten, links in to these principles. The three building volumes in the northwest of Schwedler-Carré form a U-shaped urban square towards Gref-Völsing-Strasse (within the new development); to the south, in conjunction with the residential blocks in the third phase of construction, they create a classical inner courtyard, which via two openings in the block edge, links to the street and the square.

Design principles such as the solid clinker base storey and the façade with its horizontal articulation in the cornices and differences in colour treatment and materiality, are continued in Schwedler-Carré 02. The corner to Gref-Völsing-Strasse is emphasised by an all-clinker façade in an earthy shade of red. Overall 116 mainly subsidised apartments are to be created here (around half of them for level 1 social housing tenants), and a children´s day nursery on the ground floor. Together with the rental and freehold apartments, Schwedler-Carré 02 makes an important contribution to engendering a diverse social structure in a high-density urban development.