Lyoner Straße 02

  • Location: Frankfurt am Main
  • Year: since 2017
  • Residential units: 434
  • Gross floor area (GFA): 31 800 m²
  • Client: Eurohaus Frankfurt AG
  • Project team: Ulrich Ricker, Peter Gallo, Josipa Granic, Sandra Klepsch, Ray Moritz
  • Address: Lyoner Straße 24, 60528 Frankfurt am Main
  • Photos: Lisa Farkas


This existing office building, called Eurohaus and constructed in 1975, is located in the former business district of Niederrad in the southwest of Frankfurt. As part of the plan to transform this district for mixed residential and commercial use, it was officially renamed the Lyoner District in the middle of 2017. In line with this strategy, the proposal for Eurohaus envisages renovating this now empty large-scale office building and converting it for residential accommodation, with a children´s day nursery on the ground floor. The characteristic H-shape of the building, with its angled 12-storey “wings”, is to be retained, but everything internally will be removed back to the structural frame, and the building then adapted to meet current requirements as regards energy efficiency and building physics. The curtain wall façade that wraps around the entire building – a mullion/transom system in the International Style – is to be removed, so as to enable a new visual impression more identifiable with that of a residential building. In its place is a classically articulated, punctuated façade, distinguished by a clinker-brick base storey and large-format windows throughout the building. Stefan Forster Architekten has already carried out pioneering work in the Lyoner District, with the transformation in 2010 of an empty office high-rise for residential purposes. For the project to revitalise Eurohaus, SFA is acting as the general planner. Once plans are approved, a final investor will be sought for the project.